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Lovely greetings Roberto,
How are you doing since Roma? Thank you very much for your help there, I went on to run a little faster time in Athens, but great consistency, and I am healthy and feel great.
After you worked on my shoulders before the race, I felt rather unusually flexible and loose in my upper body/shoulders, that might explain why I went for a stroll in the park for the first half of the race, before realizing that I was running so relaxed with little aggressiveness.
Thank you
Take care and Peace and love


Isa Phillips

(JAM) 400H PB:48”05

Dear Roberto,

Madeira Athletics Association has the pleasure of thanking you for all your cooperation for the success of European Cup 10.000m.

It was a honour having you among us, in this great event, in which your role was truly very important.

We also hope we can meet again in future events.


Best Regards,

Jorge Morais – AARAM



Hi Roberto,
thank you so much for all your help and hard work on my legs. I was so happy to finish the New York City Marathon today. My legs felt as fresh afterwards as at the start of the marathon - it was amazing! I felt so good after the marathon and recovered very quickly. Roberto is a top class sports masseur, I can strongly recommend him and I always recommend his services to all my coaches.

Many thanks,




Hi Roberto,
Thanks for your help in Rieti, I hope to return to Rieti next year.

Best wishes.

Luis Alberto Marco Contreras


(ESP) 800m PB: 1’46”23

Hello Roberto,
Thank you for taking care of me in Berlin.
take care,


Gary KiKaya

(DRC) 400m PB: 44”10

Ciao Roberto!

nonostante diluviasse e ci fossero 2 gradi ho fatto 2h22.59, ottavo assoluto e primo italiano! grandeeeee grazie per il supporto, ora ho le gambe di legno, ci sentiamo presto!


Paolo Natali

Marathon PB: 2h19’53”




Ciao Roberto!

Grazie ancora per la preziosa assistenza in gara .... mi dispiace il risultato non sia poi stato quello sperato e per il quale mi ero preparato, ma comunque conservo un bel ricordo dell’esperienza ... un abbraccio, ciao


Silvio Bertone


Hi Roberto,

thank you again for coming to the race. For us its a real pleasure to be able to see you are working we learn a lot with you.


Thank you again, and I hope your family enjoy Chamonix.




Gazie all'immenso Roberto per quanto hai fatto per tutti noi


Il Presidente

Gregorio Antonio Zucchinali



Hi Roberto,


My hip has freed up a lot  from you realigning my hips & clicking me back into shape - no long really pinching. Thanks loads, as your technique works for me.

 See you Monday & thanks again for the regular maintenance allowing me to continue pumping out the miles.






Hi Roberto,


Thank you that you took so much care of me. I have never had such a great massage. My hamstrings are nearly OK, but my thighs are damaged.

I cannot walk. I have to go down stairs backwards.


I hope to see you sometime again!

Thanks for your help,






Dear Roberto,

After 20 hours of airplanes and airports, my Hamstrings were very tight.  Even two days before the Rome marathon, I experienced cramping in my hamstring while stretching.  Thanks to your massage, stretching and working on the pressure points, I was able to feel lose and pain-free for the race!  I was worried about my condition until you got me straightened out.  On race day, I was able to PR on the cobblestones of Rome, running 2:18:13.  This is 6 years after PR in my debut at the age of 27.  Now, at the age of 33, you have helped me to realize the importance of muscle strength, balance and flexibility.  Thanks again.

Wynston Alberts





Roberto has been giving me regular sports massage for a number of years now and for an ageing triathlete like me, it is a total life-saver. The combination of deep massage and stretching is not always comfortable, but it IS effective for loosening up tight muscles. Roberto is good at identifying potential problem areas by feel and working on them before they can become niggles or injuries. I strongly recommend his services.


Charles Barclay





Hi Roberto

testimonial to add to Serpie site as follows:
every visit to Roberto either helps sort out legs back and neck after a long trail race, or diminish niggles before a run. if not competing, a monthly hour long check up is great for a regular mot.... Roberto knows insti
nctively where to work on most and why -hence all pain seems justified!

Toby Melville,, serpentine slow but steady regular ultra trail runner!





Hi Roberto,


Thanks for keeping me running over the years, which has helped me push for my personal bests, despite my constant efforts to reduce my legs rubble with strains and aches.






Roberto has performed the miracle that I always hoped physios could do. He has made me faster without much work from me. (Barring a bit of a stretch now and again). My legs feel free and my stride length has increased which is obviously leading to faster times.

He doesn't hold back; the first session for most is probably more pain than you would care to experience but it all goes after a session or three. (The lumps that I thought were natural have disappeared). I stand to gain nothing from telling you this other than knowing that

I might have helped out another fellow athlete He may not be able to perform the same miracle on others, as i am fairly inflexible - but it may be worth a shout.

Keep it Spicy,




Hi Roberto.

Finished NYC Marathon in 2hrs 42', 155th overall. No knee/ankle pain during race even though hurting the knee on stairs on Friday. Just hit the wall badly at mile 17. A bit sore today, but not too bad.

And a huge thank you for all your help (and torture) to get me to the start line. It is much appreciated!!!


Roberto is a hugely experienced sports masseur as his client list demonstrates, but his success is not just his technical skills but his ability to engage with his clients - Roberto takes an active interest in your short-term goals, overall ambitions, ensures he understands your work demands and lifestyle, and is able to work with you on your well being so that you are in the best shape possible. Roberto has kept us up & running. We've had a few injuries along the way & he totally understands that we want to keep running & cycling long distances if at all possible - he will however still recommend rest when it's needed. It's not the most relaxing massage you'll ever have, but you & your muscles will definitely feel better afterwards!  Roberto is an invaluable part of your training regime

Sarah & Max (3.03 & 2.59 marathon PBs)



Hi Roberto,


Thanks for your kind email and it was good meeting you, thank you for all your hard work at the event it was certainly appreciated by both us here at the BTF and the athletes themselves.


Best Wishes

Lisa Dent

Event Intern

British Triathlon Federation


Roberto, great to hear from you and thank you for the pictures!

My legs feel great thanks to you.

My next big race is the Ironman Hawaii.



Best regards....Gary Smith


Hi Roberto,

I just wanted to thank you for treatment on foot. I haven't had any pain from plantar fascia which is amazing! The skin felt a bit bruised where u used tool but otherwise perfect!


Dr. Anne Rigg


Hello Roberto,


Just to say thanks for helping me at the World Championships in Daegu, and to let you know that we broke the national record on 4x100mt !!! Really appreciated all you do for us. 


Marcos Amalbert

Puerto Rico National Team 4x100m